For Individuals

Affordable solutions to ensure compliance

Individual Tax Returns

We provide and end to end annual return submission which includes preparation, submission and disputes relating to your annual tax return. Our clients do not pay additional fees for submitting supporting documents or disputes with SARS .

Tax Advice

If you feeling that you are paying too much tax, or want to structure your affairs optimally, we can provide you with the necessary advice on how to do so.

Tax Calculations

As life changes, your tax situation will change too.
We can assist you with tax calculations and planning to ensure that you optimise your tax liability.

Provisional Tax

Certain taxpayers are classified as provisional taxpayers, meaning they need to submit two additional returns per year.
Provisional Tax Payers are often business owners or other people that earn income from various sources.

Tax Disputes

If you are in a dispute with SARS, we can  assist to ensure that the correct process in terms of the Tax Administration Act is  followed and that your case is dealt with in a fair and respectable manner.

Financial Planning

We offer product free financial planning consultations through our sister company Barbara Mundell Consult that enables you to plan your future and help you determine your goals and a plan on how to reach them.

Tax Debt

If you owe SARS money and are unable to pay the full amount, we can assist in the process of applying for a payment arrangement.

SARS VDP Applications

If you need to apply for the SARS Voluntary Disclosure Programme, we provide you with advice and help you manage the process.